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Creativity & Visual Identity

Welcome to my portfolio, my name is Visha Chander and I specialise in 3D Motion Graphics, 3D Animation & Modelling, 3D Visualisation & Interior Design, Creative Graphic Design and Branding, UI UX Responsive Web Design , Visual Effects, Video Production and HD Video Editing. My work has an international recognition for Creativity, Vibrancy & Visual Identity . 

I have been involved with various projects developing both Commercial & Creative content for leading Hollywood Actors / Actresses / Celebrities, Brands, Organisations, Events and more..

Be sure to check out my work on the links below.

3D Visualisation & Interior Design

CGI Motion Graphics & Animation

Creative Graphic Design & Branding

UI UX Web Design 

HD Visual Effects & Video Editing

Internationally recognised as one of the leading Creative Designers.