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Welcome to my portfolio, as one of the leading Artist's in Creativity and Visual Identity specialising in 3D CGI Animation, Motion Graphics, CAD & Interior Design, Graphic & Logo Design, Branding, Video Editing & Production, Visual Effects and UI UX Web Design, I have maintained a strong profile having worked with some leading brands and Film industries internationally. 
My work has also achieved an international recognition as being 'very Creative and Talented' within the Hollywood Industry with leading Film Stars and Celebrities

CGMFX | Visha Chander | 3D CGI

3D CGI Motion Graphics & Animation

Welcome to my profile, as a 3D Artist I have worked in the Film, Broadcast and Gaming industries specialising in:
3D Modelling, Animation, Rigging, Rendering, Texturing, Particle Simulation, Mo Graph, Green/Blue Plates, Motion Tracking, Sculpting, Environments, HDRI, Broadcast, Camera Mapping, Motion Graphics and Visual Effects.

Below are some samples, and projects that I have worked on for clients and for personal creations.

Showreel | CGMFX | Visha Chander

CGMFX | Visha Chander | CAD & Interior Design

CAD & Interior Design

Based on information provided from Technical Drawings, Electrical plans, Blue prints, 2D prints and Project Management notes, I am able to re-create a construction project with 3D Visualisation, Photo Realistic 3D CAD on Print and Video formats.  My skills in 3D CAD caters for Construction Projects, Mega Structures, Property Development, Product Design, Interior Design and 3D printing.


Ultra-high Definition video production for Film, Animation & Presentations.

High-Definition vs 4K Ultra High-Definition

Here is a preview comparison between standard High-definition and 4K Ultra-high Definition, to navigate use the below arrow slider to compare both images.

CGMFX Graphics | Visha Chander

GFX Graphic & Logo Design | Branding | Visual Identity

Welcome to my GFX Portfolio, with many years of experience and skills within the Design industry catering for all Events Organisations, Advertising & Marketing Agencies, Corporate and Hospitality sectors and the Entertainment Industry.  My work has certainly achieved an international recognition with leading global brands i.e., Hilton, Marriott, Sofitel (UAE), Matchroom Boxing, Bacardi Resources and within the Film & Television sectors i.e., Film Actors, Public icons, and Celebrities.

There are no limits to my creative skills and I have put together this portfolio to show you what I am capable of and what I am able to deliver.

Ryan Reynolds | Deadpool | CGMFX | Visha Chander

My artwork GOES VIRAL on social media

Ryan Reynolds Hollywood Actor
(Deadpool & Deadpool 2 Movie) 

Shares my artwork over his Social Media, with over 300,000 likes.

Facebook Link | Instagram Link

CGMFX | Visha Chander | VFX

Visual Effects | Video Editing & Production | Broadcast

My extensive skills in video production and editing which includes creating visual content for Film studios and Broadcast services for creating promotional videos, idents, adverts, creating 2D and 3D animated digital presentations and creating Video content for large display screens at venues and exhibitions.

Below I have featured my skills and experiences in the Video Editing and Production sector with details of what I am able to offer and how far I can go with digital design and production. 

CGMFX | UI UX Web Design | Visha Chander

UI UX - Responsive Web Design for all platforms

As a qualified Adobe Certified Associate - ACA Web Communications website developer and to collaborate my creative skills in Graphic Design for Branding and Visual Identity, Video Editing for online visual presentation, and 3D CGI for Virtual 360, I deliver the ultimate user interface and experience in fully accelerated, responsive integrated websites for all platforms: iOS, Android & Linux. Having custom coded the websites using the Bootstrap interface, and HTML, CSS, Java and PHP scripts. The websites that I design are fully W3C compliant following the EU GDPR Policy requirements for Cookies, Data protection, Privacy and other clauses.

The websites are utilised using Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Bing & Yahoo Webmaster, Microsoft Clarity and Social Media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-in, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch and with the communication for both interaction and e-commerce: PayPal, WhatsApp, mail-chimp. The utilisation methods help to assist with SEO, building and driving traffic to the website/social media site and brand awareness.

With my creative skills in visual identity, branding and knowledge & understanding to what is required from a project, I am able to deliver high-end results and inline within the required target time for completion. My creative skills in Graphic Design, Logo Design, Visual Effects, Video Editing, 3D CGI, Motion Graphics, Social Media Marketing and Web Design, I am able to bring to you advanced user interface and experience in web presence and design.     

International recognition - places where I have lived and worked at.

Locations | CGMFX | Visha Chander
Creative Motion GFX | CGMFX | Visha Chander

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Clients | Brands

Here are some of my clients I have created Designs and I have worked with Globally.
Hilton Liverpool
Meridien Abu Dhabi
Matchroom Boxing
Michael Fassbender
Ocean Club
Sofitel Dubai

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