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Welcome to my profile, as a 3D Artist I have worked in the Film, Broadcast and Gaming industries specialising in:
3D Modelling, Animation, Rigging, Rendering, Texturing, Particle Simulation, Mo Graph, Green/Blue Plates, Motion Tracking, Sculpting, Environments, HDRI, Broadcast, Camera Mapping, Motion Graphics and Visual Effects.

Below are some samples, and projects that I have worked on for clients and for personal creations.

Showreel | CGMFX | Visha Chander

Current 3D Project

Below is a demonstration of my recent project with 3D Modelling, Texturing, Sound and Special Effects.

Final Video


CGMFX | Visha Chander | Materials

Custom Designed Materials

I have full experience in creating custom materials from bump maps, displacements, textures, lambert and materials for V ray, Redshift, Corona & Solid Angle.  With my skills in Graphic design and using various paint brushes and custom layers to create layered materials for a node-based texture ready for UV mapping.   

Having worked with various 3D programmes, including substance painting onto mesh, and baking objects for a full UV map to add any additional amendments or extra details.

CGMFX | Visha Chander | 3D Concept

My skills in the
3D Industry

✔ 3D Modelling
✔ 3D Sculpting
✔ Environments & Lighting using HDRI
✔ Lighting: Ambient Inclusion, Global Illumination and LUTS
✔ Green/Blue plates Keying.
✔ Motion tracking
✔ 3D Matte Painting
✔ Mesh & Substance painting
✔ 3D Rigging
✔ UV Mapping & Textures
✔ Camera Rigging and VR
✔ Dynamics & Mo Graph
✔ Particles & Fluids simulation
✔ Crowds’ simulation
✔ Hair & Fur Simulation
✔ Key framing for animation
✔ Node-base working profile
✔ Rendering (V ray, Arnold-Solid Angle, Corona, Redshift, Thea Render & Maxwell)
✔ 3D projects into Aftereffects.

VFX Breakdown

Below are some clips that I have created to demonstrate the CGI breakdown on some of the projects I have been working on.
Dynamics and Particles Simulation
Fluid Simulation
Fracture Field Simulation
CGMFX | Visha Chander | Render

Rendering Breakdown

Building layers as EXR formats from Caustics, Depth of Field, Diffuse Channel, Lighting, Normals Channel, Raw TIFF, Reflection and Shadows on a Node-base system allowing any adjustments in Lighting and detail to be amended before final render.

One of the best render engines is V ray - Industry standard used in Film & Animation; however, some 3D programmes have their own built in render engines which can provide some really good results.

Here are some of the Render engines I have tested in the past to compare results on speed and end result renders, listed as the best start from the top.

1. V-ray
2. Arnold - Solid Angle & Renderman
3. Redshift
4. Corona Render
5. Maxwell Render
6. The Render

3D Portfolio | Visha Chander

CGI Demonstrations

Below are some clips that I have created to demonstrate CGI and Visual Effects, based on The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings & Tomb Raider.
Erebor - City of the Dwarves
The Witch King of Angmar - Layer
Temple of Doom
CGMFX | Visha Chander | Sculpt

Sculpting | Z-Brush

My first attempt years ago using Z-Brush, one powerful application that can let you literally sculpt anything, I found using Z-Brush very own mesh base was easy to work with, and by adding more polygons by the mesh into Dynamesh allowed me to add more details to the model.

I had created this Aztec model just as an experiment and then went onto using the Paint tool in Z-Brush to add some texture colours to the model.

3D Portfolio | Visha Chander | Part 2

Motion Graphics

Below are some clips that I have created to demonstrate Motion Graphics and Special Effects.
Motion Graphics
Particles Simulation
Dynamics in action

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