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Ultra-High Definition 4K Videos

The latest video format with High quality Pixels, Vibrant Colours, Digital Surround Sound, In-depth Image AI, Crystal Clear Image Quality, Fast Rendering Speeds and the best for Films, CGI, Animation and Presentation.

4K UHD Process & Production

Video Capture

Raw Video footage capturing from the original source, or creating new video framework using the 4K UHD measurements and FPS. Vector graphics for enhanced quality for titles and 2D animations.

Video Rendering

HEVC H.265 at 3840 x 2160 pixels 60FPS, Full 709 Colour Profile, Direct 3D Processing with Interlaced video rendering supported by DTS sound for digital surround sound experience.

Video Compression

4K UHD or even Blu-ray rendering results in very large file sizes in MP4 / MKV or HEVC formats, however compression becomes very complicated as a result in reducing the file size and keeping the quality as the original compression. HEVC H.265 reduces the file size with better results.

Video Streaming

At present Netflix, Apple, Amazon Prime and some broadcasters have 4K UHD content available, whilst on YouTube there is a process to follow. Blu-ray 4K DVD rom processing is the best way to achieve original quality and sound without lossless of compression.

High-Definition vs 4K Ultra High-Definition

Here is a preview comparison between standard High-definition and 4K Ultra-high Definition, to navigate use the below arrow slider to compare both images.

4K UHD - Experiments

Currently I am in the post production process of experimenting with a variety of mixed video footage with different compressed file formats, I have been working on some new visuals and 3D effects to deliver some really good end results.
There will be some really exciting projects coming very soon! and I will be featuring them on my profile in due course.

HEVC H.265 Production

25 -60% better data compressions, whilst maintaining the video quality and sound, ideally a better source of compression for 4K UHD videos, substantially improved video quality keeping the same bit rate during compression process.

I have been working on some recent projects using the HEVC compressions, however for both Windows and macOS systems, an additional HEVC codec plugin is required for playback. HEVC file sizes can be very large in size and therefor a 2nd phase of compression to reduce the file even further whilst maintaining its original quality is implemented using another compressor for a final acceptable file size. 

I have outlined the stages and processes of the procedure that I undertake for the HEVC Video production.

Video Editing & Production

Raw captured footage / quality video sources along with sharp vector graphics and transitions are correlated onto a timeline with a Video Editing platform, and then rendered as HEVC H.265 30/60FPS with CBR (Constant Bitrate ranging between 16000 - 20000, based on the hardware and graphics accelerated video card).

Compression Phase 2

File sizes are known to exceed up-to 40GB for an approximate 2-2.5 Hour video, and with the additional sources of CGI the file increase size could reach up-to 70GB, this is where I then refer to another compression phase to bring the file size down to approximately 5-6GB whilst maintaining the original video quality and sound, the MP4/MKV file is then re-compressed using a Decomb / YADIFF interlaced filter, downsized to a lower bitrate.

Final output - DVD Rom / Stream

There are 2 options for me to decide whether to either keep the original compressed file and let the Blu-ray DVD rom burner compress the file onto a 4K UHD Disc, as these discs can store up-to 70GB of video and audio data, or to use the method of Compression Phase 2 to be used on either YouTube / Vimeo.

4K UHD Playback for viewers & uploads


YouTube has the facility for 4K playback however videos uploaded will start from the lowest quality for streaming purposes, and the viewer will have the option to select 4K.


At present on Vimeo 4K Playback is available based on the viewers equipment, internet speed bandwidth and screen resolution.

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