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CAD & Interior Design

Based on information provided from Technical Drawings, Electrical plans, Blue prints, 2D prints and Project Management notes, I am able to re-create a construction project with 3D Visualisation, Photo Realistic 3D CAD on Print and Video formats.  My skills in 3D CAD caters for Construction Projects, Mega Structures, Property Development, Product Design, Interior Design and 3D printing.

Design, Render & Geometry

I am able to translate your projects into fully digital professionally designed prints and visual animations, demonstrating mechanical and technical components.

✔ 3D Rendered Geometry.
✔ A choice of file formats inc .DWG, PDF and MP4 or 360° VR.
✔ Professional engineering Illustration.
✔ High-end CGI Renders.
✔ Projection Mapping for Client portfolios.
✔ High-detail renderings
✔ Mono and UHD Drawings.
✔ Mechanical & engineering components designed.
✔ 2D to 3D using the latest software.


Design & Build

Property Demolishing and new structure, New builds, Extensions and Property Development,
I am to design a full projection render for your projects to demonstrate the before and after visualisations,
including special effects with day and night modes, living in or out and Ariel projection.

Interior 3D Design

Commercial and Living demonstrations, of custom designs including furniture, landscaping and indoor/out-door interior. A full 3D CGI Visual/Render processed with textures, special lighting and various environments to give you a realistic end result of your project.✔ 3D Rendered Geometry.

✔ Custom designed interior.
✔ Texture mapping for realistic match on interior elements.
✔ 4 view scope rendering.
✔ Before and after render visuals.
✔ 2D Plan to 3D Viewing.
✔ Commercial and Residential.

CAD & Interior business solutions

Project Ownership

Whether you are looking for a 3D visualisation or a demonstration to the start to finish result of a project.

My skills in 3D Concept Illustration & 3D Modelling can assist your project with all requirements in Design & Visual content.

Interior Design
3D Product & Mechanical Concepts
Mega Construction Concept Drawings
Construction Development Projects
2D to 3D Drawings and 3D Visuals

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