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UI UX - Responsive Web Design for all platforms

As a qualified Adobe Certified Associate - ACA Web Communications website developer and to collaborate my creative skills in Graphic Design for Branding and Visual Identity, Video Editing for online visual presentation, and 3D CGI for Virtual 360, I deliver the ultimate user interface and experience in fully accelerated, responsive integrated websites for all platforms: iOS, Android & Linux. Having custom coded the websites using the Bootstrap interface, and HTML, CSS, Java and PHP scripts. The websites that I design are fully W3C compliant following the EU GDPR Policy requirements for Cookies, Data protection, Privacy and other clauses.

The websites are utilised using Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Bing & Yahoo Webmaster, Microsoft Clarity and Social Media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-in, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch and with the communication for both interaction and e-commerce: PayPal, WhatsApp, mail-chimp. The utilisation methods help to assist with SEO, building and driving traffic to the website/social media site and brand awareness.

With my creative skills in visual identity, branding and knowledge & understanding to what is required from a project, I am able to deliver high-end results and inline within the required target time for completion. My creative skills in Graphic Design, Logo Design, Visual Effects, Video Editing, 3D CGI, Motion Graphics, Social Media Marketing and Web Design, I am able to bring to you advanced user interface and experience in web presence and design.     

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UI UX Integrated & Accelerated 

With the implementation of newer devices, technology and firmware, my main focus is on producing fully integrated and responsive web pages with high-end vibrant and sharp graphics and ultra-high-definition visual presentations for the viewer to experience. Below are some of the areas that I work on to fit with the standard requirements:

• Vibrant RGB/CMYK/Pantone Colour mapping.
• Gigapixel 1000 x 1 mega pixel conversion AI.
• Image conversion to WEBGL / SVG for faster acceleration.
• Dolby Digital / DTS Audio and Sound Effects.
• 720 / 1080 I/P High-Definition Videos.
• 4K UHD HEVC for newer devices.
• Uniform font face for user interface.
• Rule of 3 on iOS and Android devices.
• Bespoke interface and assets designs.
• Navigation and user experience. 

CGMFX | Visha Chander | Adobe ACA | Web Design
Adobe Certified Associate

In 2014 I had qualified for an international Adobe Certified Associate qualification in Web Communications using Dreamweaver CS/CC. My qualification covers the main requirements to become a fully responsive web developer:

• Setting project requirements
• Planning site design and page layout
• Understanding the Adobe Dreamweaver interface
• Adding content by using Dreamweaver
• Organizing content by using Dreamweaver
• Evaluating and maintaining a site by using Dreamweaver 

Website Portfolio

Below are some of the websites that I have created and administrated for clients, along with all branding design and customised layouts, some sites may not be displayed as live, due to the clients' request to be shown as a reference purpose only.

CGMFX | Visha Chander | UI UX
PKW Accounting
CGMFX | UI UX | Visha Chander
Anthony Fowler
CGMFX | UI UX | Visha Chander
Wayrisk Solutions
CGMFX | UI UX | Visha Chander
Michael Mandal
CGMFX | UI UX | Visha Chander
Blessed Ibiza
CGMFX | UI UX | Visha Chander
LWCC Sports

Website Development & Deployment

Layout Design &
Competitor Analysis

Branding &
Assets Design

Marketing &
Social Media

Search Engine

Test &

Finalise &

CGMFX | Filezilla | Visha Chander
FTP - File Hosting & Sharing

Available on macOS, Windows and Linux, FileZilla is one of the most powerful tools that I have used for website domain hosting and administrating as this tool supports FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).  I have found that updating and maintaining multiple websites with this tool is user friendly and very fast.

Linux support for firmware upgrades to devices and communication between FTP and device, I have administrated C+, CAS, CAM, and E2 using FileZilla.

Search Console
Administration & Setup

The best tool to improve your search on Google, optimising your website adding keywords, meta tags, fixing issues on your website, monitor your traffic and geographical regions and customise your website for mobile usability.

• URL Inspection for each page on your website.
• Fixing crawl engine issues with your pages.
• Sitemaps for accurate page meta information and links.
• Structured data and markup testing.
• Adding hreflang tags for international Targeting.

CGMFX | Google | Visha Chander
Webmaster Tools
Yahoo Web Crawler (Slurp)

Brand awareness on all search engines as your audiences use a variety of browsers i.e., Bing, Yahoo, Opera, Firefox and Safari. Similar to Google Search Console, you can monitor your website status.

• Setting up backlinks to your website.
• Keyword search relevant to your business.
• Bingbot verification & Crawl Control of your website.
• Microsoft Clarity (NEW) a great setup to see how users are experiencing your website.

CGMFX | Bing | Visha Chander

Technical Specialist

As a qualified Information Technology Level 2 specialist, I am able to manually setup both Windows and macOS systems, with experience and knowledge of installation of hardware and software, technical adjustments to network settings, problem solving with technical issues. I have worked with IBM, Cisco Systems, and I have knowledge of CMS, DOS, Linux, and Terminal commands.  

WordPress | CGMFX | Visha Chander

I have administrated and built websites using WordPress, from customised themes and controlling all the SEO requirements, scripting: CMS/PHP & MySQL, creating branding and maintaining the website. Below listed are some of the components that I am able to work it:

•  Theme System – Custom layout and Design.
•  Media Management – Banners, Images, Videos and Links.
•  Publishing – Posts i.e., Blogs, Vlogs and using Glutenberg.
•  Administration Dashboard – Appearance & Interface Functionality.
•  Plugins – CDN (Content Delivery Network) & others.
•  Tags – Related Content & Relevant keywords.
•  Menus – Customised to fit within the branding.
•  Widgets – Database & User controls. 

GDPR | Privacy | Terms & Conditions &
Cookies | Copyright Policy

As a web designer and having to comply with the set requirements and policies by W3C, EU GDPR and World Rights Protection, I am able to write a full policy covering all requirements and aspect of your business to comply with these regulations.

For more information about the EU GDPR chapters please click here
CGMFX | Social Media | Visha Chander

Social Media Marketing

Design | Branding | Content | Campaigns | Demographics | Keywords | Videos | Banners | Vlogs | Blogs | Streaming

Recommended Essentials

Facebook Business Page

Profile Banner, Profile Image, 20% Text Advert, 1080x1080 Advert Frames, Promotional Video Banner, Promotional Videos less than 60 seconds & Interaction Adverts.


Profile Banner, Profile Image, 1080 x 1080 Adverts, Keyword Search, 60 Seconds Promotional Videos, Interaction with Facebook page & Glyphs.


Profile Banner, Profile Image, 1200 x 627 Article images, Hashtag and Keyword search, Social Media channel integration.  Linked-in is a must for any business as the platform is for Professionals.


Profile Image, 1080 x 1080 feed posts, 60 second videos, Facebook page integration, Keyword and Hashtag search & 1080 x 1080 filter effect Adverts.


Profile Image & Banner (via Google Page), unlimited videos (no copyrighted music only royalty free unless you hold a license), HD 720, 1080, 4K UHD, 8K UHD and 10K UHD promotional videos, presentations.  The more likes and subscribers you have on your page, you can earn monetisation income from YouTube.


Profile Image & Banner, Limited videos depending on your subscription plan, one of the best platforms to stream high quality videos & presentations. 

Google Page

Profile Image, Banner, Business adverts and images for Schema, add your business to Google and you can upload images, add reviews and recommendations on the Google search page.

Tik Tok

Portrait transparent video frame and filters, customised emoji and icons & customise your audience relevant to your business.


10 second promo live snaps, capture our promo and add to your story i.e., any new updates, what's new? your latest achievements etc..., customise filters for your promotional adverts.


Available as an app on macOS and Windows, excellent tool for group discussion, video group and building a client page to share any offers, news and updates.  File transfer to other groups with Images, Video and Files.


Digital platform to pin your Images and Videos, ideal for SEO to drive traffic to your website, custom 1080 x 1080 adverts, images and videos and you are able to add direct website links to your posts.

Yelp! for Business

Great tool for online presence and to enhance your business profile listing, add images, videos and website links including testimonials from clients.  Custom Yelp profile banner, branding and PDF/Image attachments that can be downloaded by the viewer.

Start a YouTube Channel

Earn an income with YouTube monetization on your channel based on the number of engagements viewers will have on your content. Some exclusions will penalise your account i.e., using copyright material without consent, low quality videos and sound, robotic voice over and irrelevant content. The advantage of having a YouTube Channel is that you can help drive traffic to your social media/Website platforms, you can cross reference your videos to your website, have live streams for meetings, use the latest technology video formats i.e., 4K UHD, 3D, 720/1080 HD and Panoramic Videos.  

Branding & Content

Customised YouTube profile Image & Banner for your page, along with filters displaying your Logo, social media links, website and your introductory video as your main landing page, who you are? what you do? and the services that you provide.

Green Screen Editing

I am able to design either 2D / 3D animated backgrounds for your videos remotely. keying all backgrounds whether it be Green/Blue plates to make your video look professional, this can be done if you are streaming live or pre-recorded.

Video Editing

Introductions to your video openings and presentations using epic and corporate sound effects and royalty free music, keeping your intros within the 60 second opening rule, and synchronising your videos to look professional and for viewer engagement.

Custom designed Websites


Custom design Portfolio website with branding and video content, unlimited navigation and pages.


PayPal integrated E-Commerce web site fully responsive maximum items for online retail.


Excel integrated database website with full search and navigation facility for record keeping and file sharing.

Google AMP

Accelerated mobile-optimised websites, for fast loading images, video, animation instantaneously.

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