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My extensive skills in video production and editing which includes creating visual content for Film studios and Broadcast services for creating promotional videos, idents, adverts, creating 2D and 3D animated digital presentations and creating Video content for large display screens at venues and exhibitions.

Below I have featured my skills and experiences in the Video Editing and Production sector with details of what I am able to offer and how far I can go with digital design and production. 

Video Portfolio

Technical Skills in Video Editing & Production

CGMFX | VFX | Visha Chander
Video Production

• Video Conversion from Standard SD to High Quality HD Formats.
• Ratio conversion 4:9 - 16:9 to UHD.
• Video Rendering H.264 and H.265.
• Interlaced and Progressive Video framing.
• Colour Correction, RGB Curves / Levels and LUTS.
• Noise Reduction and AI Enhancements.
• 3D Video Production Side by Side - Passive and Active production.
• 360 Virtual Reality Video Production. 
• Social Media Video Production formats 1080x1080 Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and UHD / HD for YouTube & Vimeo.

CGMFX | Visha Chander | VFX
Visual Effects

• 2D & 3D Transitions for Visual Presentations and Adverts.
• 3D Titles for Video Openings.
• Optical Flares animation.
• Video Tracking for 2D and 3D Animations.
• Video Distortion and Industry style effects.
• Camera Mapping.
• 3D Graphics Implementation.
• Special Sound Effects for openings.
• Illustrated animated videos.
• Green/Blue Plate Screen keying.
• 3D on 2D video footage.
• PSD Layered file animation.
• Overlays and LUTS.
• Video enhancement.
• Green/Blue Plate Screen keying.

CGMFX | Visha Chander | VFX
DVD Authoring & Production

• Video to DVD (All formats).
• MKV Blu-ray Compression.
• Chapter and Marker Editing.
• Brand Design menus.
• Customised menu navigation.
• SD to HD from PAL/SECAM/NSTC to MPEG4/MP4/MKV format.
• VHS to Blu-ray to 4K.
• Original format file editing.
• Meta tag and file administrating.
• VOB conversion for Streaming.
• Handbrake compression for all video formats.
• YADIFF / Interlaced implementation.
• Surround sound: Dolby Digital / DTS.
• Digital Sound restoration. 

CGMFX | Visha Chander | VFX
Horizontal & Vertical Displays

• Horizontal and Vertical video design for Exhibition Displays.
• Animated 3D transitions for Corporate visual presentations.
• Explainer videos for consumer displays.
• Horizontal menus for Hospitality venues.
• Large venue projector animated videos.
• LED multiple screens display.
• 4x4 video display and animation.
• Pixel perfect animation for Entertainment venues.
• Rooftop Ariel video production. 
• Interactive mirror screen base production.
• Still frame animation.

CGMGX | Visha Chander | VFX
HD Media Broadcast Services

• HD & 3D animated video idents for Television/Satellite & Cable TV.
• 3D animated title openers for Live broadcast and streaming.
 • Video editing for Social Media platforms.
• Live Sports Animation and Video Editing.
• IPTV Streaming Branding & Visuals.
• Subtitles and Credits authoring.
• Audio and Sound Production.
• Video on Demand visual explainer frames.
• Custom designed visual presentations for 3rd party distributors.
• UHD current 4K Video Graphics.

CGMFX | Visha Chander | VFX
Audio & Sound Production and Editing

• Mono to Stereo conversion.
• Audio overlays for sound over and sound effects.
• Fade in and out transitions per effect.
• Decibel control for high grain audio.
• Noise reduction on compressed MP3 Audio signals.
• 7.1 Audio channel administrating.
• Audio clip and trim processing.
• Dub synchronising audio to video.
• Special effects Pan for film studios.
• Customised audio settings for videos.
• Audio synchronising.  

Hilton | LG | CGMFX | Visha Chander
Vertical Video Screens, displayed at the Hilton
LG Technology 

Here is an example of one of the Vertical promotional projects that I had been invited to create multiple animated visuals for the Hilton, to display forthcoming events and general information about the venue, having previously created all the artwork for the events, I had worked on the video production with the newest LG hospitality fridge screen units displaying in full High-definition quality.

I have also been involved in designing and creating video content and promotional materials on both Horizontal and Vertical formats for the Hospitality industry, and large exhibition events displaying my creations in the background stages.

Digital Video Production & Editing

Shown below are some of the other areas of Video Production and Editing that I have skills and experience in.
CGMFX | Visha Chander | VR360
360° VR Navigation

3D Models, with all textures built and rendered as a VR HDRI format to be used in WebGL or as HDRI textures in CGI and Unity framework.

CGMFX | Green Screen | Visha | VFX
Green/Blue Plate Keying

Green / Blue Screen removal, replaced with either Digital Matte scenes, or HD footage, and then applied with special effects, LUT and other items into the scene.

CGMFX | Visha Chander | 3D Projection
3D Projection & Matte

Built into a 3D render engine, with all layers placed into 3D projection mode, and rendered with final looks and special effects, ready for Advertising, Film Studios and Promotions.

CGMFX | Visha Chander | VHS
VHS to 1080 16:9 60FPS

Yes! I have mastered it, converting 4:9 VHS PAL/NTSC into 60FPS 4K UHD 1920 format with Digital Sound and Colour correction, as an experiment this was very expensive to setup, however better quality than the original VHS format.

CGMFX | VFX | Visha Chander | Video History

History of Video Production, Formats & Editing

Dating back to the early years when VHS and Betamax tapes dominated the Film, Home Entertainment Industry, Video Editing software was very scarce, my first video editing using VHS to VHS comprised of having x2 VCRs connected to VCR Mixing Deck to create Adverts with retro visual graphics similar to Atari Consoles and Nintendo. The launch of Windows 95 was the success having Video Software and Capture cards to digitise all types of video formats, and embed high-end graphics, titles, transitions, audio effects and transfer to VCD (Stage 1). Unfortunately, VCD would require depending on the length of the video multiple discs to play. DVD however when this came on the market allowed me to convert videos in the space of 4GB and in HD formats.

Blu-ray on the other hand was the perfect format for video editing as we can now use 25FPS 720 / 1080 Interlaced or Progressed video files for clear images and quality Dolby Digital Sound or DTS. 3D on the other hand failed to take off in the industry due to the early implementation of the technology clashing with the analogue to digital cross-over worldwide, I was involved with some smaller projects to create passive 3D video content for devices. 4K UHD introduced the best quality in image and sound for all devices including Streaming, Playback and Recording, and from here I decided to use the H.265 format which is faster and creates small video file sizes for my video editing and production. 

Complete CGI Breakdown
Video Production

Film studios and Gaming industries releasing new premieres and titles, demonstrate at conferences and cinematic seminars the visual effects breakdown, for further documentaries and promotions to be created for viewers to experience on 'How did they do that?', here is my video production of my CGI projects demonstrating the before and after of the CGI, and another skill for video production and editing.

Video Portfolio

Here are some of the Video animations, promotions and edits that I have created for clients, majority of my work is available offline due to the client's terms of use.

U-Matic Sony | CGMFX | Visha Chander
SONY U-matic - Media Press Kits

Surprisingly even today film studios i.e., Universal Studios still use the U-matic tape format to release press-kits to broadcasters, with content of the film trailer with instructions and information about the counter-timing and broadcast instructions.

I have full experience and knowledge of the U-matic machines, as I have used the system to send video signals from production tapes directly to a video mixer unit and then ready for either broadcast or video editing.

U-matic tapes carry the highest quality video data and audio information, and has been used to convert classic films to high-end quality films today. 

Satellite / Cable / Terrestrial / IPTV | Telecommunications

Digital Broadcast Idents, Openings and Promotional Videos for Satellite TV, Cable TV and Terrestrial.

Custom Promotional Video Idents & Intros

2D, 3D and VR animated with sound effects for any Broadcast service, with Vibrant Colours, Embedded Graphics, Sound Effects, 1min - 3min Television Idents, and Live Streaming Graphics for Sports Coverage, News Broadcast, On Demand Services.

Explainer videos, Test Cards in HD, Satellite & Cable TV Transponder Landing Channels, I have the full experience and skills to create the custom animated promotion.

OBS Studio | CGMFX | Visha Chander
Streaming with OBS Studio

OBS Studio has to be one of the best Video Streaming and Video Capturing applications made by the professionals, this powerful tool is absolutely FREE and available for macOS, Windows and Linux, used worldwide by Gamers and Online tutorials, there are no limited to what OBS Studio is capable of providing. Depending on your capture device / card OBS Studio can work with the majority of these hardware devices, and provides you with free plugins, filters, audio capture and screen recording. OBS Studio is able to capture 4K resolution at 60FPS and by far is one of the best Video capturing software’s with improvements and new versions released at the earliest.

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