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HD Video Editing, Production & Visual Effects

I have many years of expertise and skills when it comes to editing Videos, Visual effects, Video Conversion, Creating idents, Colour Correction, DVD Authoring, Special Effects and creating videos for Social Media aswell as Large projector Screens, Visual displays, adding Sound Effects, Audio and Music Effects.  My journey starts from early days of Betamax, VHS Tapes , VCD's, DVD conversion to HD 2K Video conversion.   Below are some of my skills assets in Video Editing & Visual Effects.

My skills in Video editing and production date back from the early 90's as I have been creating DVD's from the start process of editing videos, adding special effects, transitions, colour correction, subtitles and chapter marks, and then finalising the video by converting it to either the commonly used video format AVI / MPEG2 or HD Quality video format H.264 MKV / MP4. I have also been converting the standard PAL/NTSC/Secam layout 4:9 to widescreen 16:9 720 / 1080 format for the larger screens. During the early 2000's I had moved onto creating videos for Bluray in High Definition quality by adding my 3D Motion Graphics, Special Effects, Dolby Surround Sound and the latest video conversion ready for the devices that we use today: Mobile / Tablets / Internet Browsers / Satellite Television / Cable and HD Terrestrial TV. 

Video Production

Video Production

• High Quality Video Conversion to any video format.
• VHS PAL/NTSC/SECAM 4:9 to 16:9 Widescreen Conversion
• Video Conversion: H.264, MP4, MKV, AVI, MPEG & Super HQ
• DVD Conversion to DIVX, MP4 or MKV
• Video Scaling Format : 240p, 360p, 480i, 480p, 576i, 720p, 1080i, 1440p, 2160p & 4320p
• Video Colour Correction: HSL, Brightness & Contrast & Noise Reduction
• Video for Websites: Webm, MP4, M4V, SWF and OGV format.
• 3D Video Production: Side by Side
• Video Conversion for Social Media: YouTube & Vimeo
• Audio, Syncing & Sound Effects

Visual Effects

• 2D & 3D Transitions for Visual Presentation
• 3D Titles for Video Openings
• Optical Flares
• Particles Effects
• Animated Text
• Camera Distortion
• Texturing & Lighting Effects
• Video Tracking
• CGI Motion Graphics
• Green Screen Video Keying

  DVD Authoring & Production

• Trimming Clips
• Video Editing
• 2D & 3D Visual Effects
• Subtitles & Credits
• Video Colour Correction
• Video Clip Transitions & Effects
• Sound Effects & Audio
• Surround Sound
• Chapter Marks
• Interactive Menu's

Horizontal & Vertical Visuals

• Horizontal Landscape Video Production
• Vertical Portrait Video Production
• 2D & 3D Animation
• Visual Effects
• Video Transitions
• Interactive Video Menu's
• Video Streaming onto multiple screens
• Video Rotation to fit screen size
• High Quality Video Output
• Visual Presentation Video Production

HD Broadcast Services

• HD 2D & 3D Video Ident openings for Terrestrial/Cable TV/Satellite & IPTV Channels
• Live 3D Motion Effects for Stream Services
• Video Production for Sports, Art, News, Movies, Documentary, Sci-Fi Channels
• Video Production for Television Commercials
• IPTV Video Openings and Credits
• High Quality Video Edits for Films Production
• Animated Logo for Ident Openings
• Visual Presentations
• Subtitles & Credits
• Audio & Sound Effects

HD Projector

• Video Upscaling to Screen Format
• Video Looping
• LED Visual Animation
• Super High Quality Video Production
• 2D & 3D Visual Effects
• Video Streaming
• Display Screen Video Production
• Animation for Projector Screens
• Visual Presentations
• Logo Transformations 2D to 3D

3D Visual Effects



For opening idents and commercials, matching the correct sound effects to match the animation.


Lip Sync and Motion Tracking to enable sound to match the motion.


Blending music for background play.


Using royalty free music to save budget costs.

360 Virtual Reality Video & Render

Portrait LG Presentation Screens

Below is my latest Animated visuals displayed at the Hilton on the new LG Fridge Screens

HD Broadcast & Production

DVD Authoring & Production

Horizontal & Vertical Animated Screens

3D Projection Screens